A hearty welcome to Games/Bavaria, the umbrella brand of the Bavarian games industry – initial contact and meeting point for developers, manufacturers and friends of the games sector in Bavaria. We mediate, network and support – for a powerful games performance under the blue and white sky.

  • 27.09.18 | 13:49
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BBQ Game Jam 2018

By now, our annual BBQ Jam is one of the hidden champions in our event lineup. While usually, game jams last 24 up to 72 hours, this jam only takes 8 hours out of the weekend to work on a game. The basic idea of a game jam is to work on a game, thatRead more

  • 14.09.18 | 09:12
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Recap gamescom 2018

The Games/Bavaria community booth at gamescom provides a great opportunity to get a space in the Business Area for local companies from Bavaria.

  • 20.08.18 | 16:54
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German computer games prize: And this is what winners look like!

April 10. 2018 was a holiday for the approximately 60 creative minds at the Giebelstadt games manufacturer HandyGames. In the afternoon there was the promise of Bavarian subsidies for the strategy and development game “Townsmen VR”. And in the evening they were awarded the German Computer Game Prize. What matures for a long time, getsRead more

  • 20.08.18 | 16:52
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Game-Development – Enigma Workshops: successful with puzzles

Two young game design students from Munich. Their first mobile game. 2.5 million downloads right at the start. How did they do it? And, above all: what does their new project look like? Julian Ludwig and Sebastian Jantschke are both 22 years young. They are studying at the MD.H Mediadesign Hochschule Campus München (Mediadesign CollegeRead more

  • 20.08.18 | 16:50
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Smartphone-Games FDG – Entertainment: mobile dedication

How can a publisher of mobile games survive in this hotly contested market? The three founders of FDG Entertainment rely on passion, vision and stamina. With their first major console project the three citizens of Munich fulfilled a heart’s desire, 15 years after founding the company. If anybody starts his first Atari console at theRead more