• 14.11.18 | 18:22
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Start your career in games!

Our first Career Day ever is over! Thanks to our 13 exhibitors (AMD, Chimera Entertainment, CipSoft, Daedalic Bavaria, Darkhorse Bulkhead, Gärtner PR, HandyGames, HOLOGATE, ICAROS, Mimimi Games, Private Division, remote control, Whammychat), who provided some insight into the business to over 120 attendees throughout the whole day.  Ina Lesser, Christian Kluckner and Stephan Payer enriched the day with their talks on how to apply, the games industry in Read more

  • 27.09.18 | 13:49
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BBQ Game Jam 2018

By now, our annual BBQ Jam is one of the hidden champions in our event lineup. While usually, game jams last 24 up to 72 hours, this jam only takes 8 hours out of the weekend to work on a game. The basic idea of a game jam is to work on a game, that Read more

  • 14.09.18 | 09:12
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Recap gamescom 2018

The Games/Bavaria community booth at gamescom provides a great opportunity to get a space in the Business Area for local companies from Bavaria.