What is Games/Bavaria

Games/Bavaria serves as an umbrella brand for the Bavarian games industry.

Its goal is to strengthen the games industry in Bavaria. Games/Bavaria brings together all kinds of game-related companies: not only game developers but also publishers, service providers and the makers of the various platforms and frameworks that keep everything running.
With a community of such depth and breadth, it’s easy to find the right partner for your project. Our various community events, projects and shared platforms are here to ensure that. These efforts don’t just improve the efficiency of our individual companies, they also encourage mutual support, facilitate the exchange of ideas, inspiration and talent, and ensure better products and higher-quality work.

Games/Bavaria is even active beyond the Bavarian borders, working to increase the visibility of our local industry in the whole wide world. How? With shared websites, events and last but not least diverse group appearances at important industry events like gamescom in Cologne or Game Connection in Paris.

History of Games/Bavaria

Games/Bavaria was created at the end of 2012 through a public-private partnership. The organization is built on the relationships that representatives of the Bavarian games industry had already been cultivating on their own. A coalition of voluntary supporters, heavy hitters from the industry in Bavaria and the state of Bavaria itself has collaborated for some time to strengthen and develop the region. And, since 2009, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (the Bavarian agency supporting film, TV and games) has contributed financial support to concept development, prototyping and production.

Games/Bavaria’s first public appearance was a group trip to Game Connection organized by Johannes Roth of Mimimi Productions, in which 16 companies travelled to Paris with the financial support of Bayern International.
Games/Bavaria got its next big push in January 2013 when the newly-opened digital startup incubator, WERK1 München, hired a Project Manager Games. Thanks to financial support from the Bavarian State Chancellery (Now the Bavarian ministry of economics). His mission: deepen and extend ties within the local, national and international games industries.


A lot of companies and institutions are helping Games/Bavaria by using the brand for their work and/or events like GameCamps, developer meetups, Game Design Dojos and many, many one-on-one conversations which are bringing the industry ever closer together, creating new opportunities for cooperation. (If you would like to be listed here please get in contact with us!)

Usage of the brand

All gaming companies and organisations from Bavaria are free to use the brand “Games/Bavaria” for their own events. You need to contact us before you can use the brand.

Brand related, graphical material can be downloaded – Download the Games/Bavaria Logopack.



Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just send us an email or write us on facebook!