About Games/Bavaria

Contact persons Bavaria

All direct contact persons for networking, events and everything in connection with the umbrella brand Games/Bavaria are available to the two project managers in WERK1.

Robin Hartmann

has been holding the fort in WERK1 since 2014 as project lead for the umbrella brand Games/Bavaria He coordinates the cooperation with the partners and is mainly responsible for the cooperation with politicians.

Lena Fischer

joined the WERK1 in September 2019. As Project Manager Games she is responsible for communication, events and universities. Before that, she worked as a funding executive for video games at FFF Bayern.

Dr. Michaela Haberlander

has built up the games funding in Bavaria since it was established in 2009, and complemented it with trade events such as the Update Games and the Games Mountain Hike. With many years as a consultant for film funding she can offer excellent contacts to the film and TV sectors. At the FFF she looks after all applicants in the areas of prototyping and production funding.


The declared objective of the umbrella brand Games/Bavaria is to support the region, to make it more attractive and to represent it externally. Thus the available structural support with events and representation at international events is just as relevant as direct funding of high quality projects from Bavaria.

The varied responsibilities and objectives of the partners are united under the umbrella brand and contribute to the games ecosystem in Bavaria.



Where everything started…

The FFF Bavaria has been funding concepts, prototypes and the production of high quality video games since 2009. This direct funding measure is the beginning of the government engagement in the games sector in Bavaria.


Games/Bavaria is being born

In 2012 the “Games/Bavaria” label was born under the responsibility of Johannes Roth for a joint visit at the networking event Game Connection Europe by companies. This first public appearance with 16 companies was a milestone for Games/Bavaria. The trip to Paris and the visit to the trade fair was, at the time, supported by Bayern International.


The WERK1 as new location

With the opening of the startup incubator WERK1 in Munich in January 2013 personnel was made available to accompany the support. A project manager games was hired to support the initiatives of the community. Even then the State Chancellery supported the efforts of the industry to strengthen and extend local and international ties.


G/B is growing

With an additional position in 2017 the commission was confirmed and the Games/Bavaria programme was extended.