• 27.09.18 | 13:49
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BBQ Game Jam 2018

By now, our annual BBQ Jam is one of the hidden champions in our event lineup. While usually, game jams last 24 up to 72 hours, this jam only takes 8 hours out of the weekend to work on a game.

The basic idea of a game jam is to work on a game, that features a topic not known beforehand with creative people you might not have met before. As said, the time to work on games is limited. In this case, the participants had 8 hours to come up with an idea and bring it to live.

With more than 40 attendees, we filled the WERK1 Eventspace as well as two conference rooms with jammers and kicked off with the topic “Hot Sauce”. Our jammers had 10 minutes to come up with ideas in previously assigned groups, pitch their ideas and start jamming.


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After these intense 8 hours, the games were presented and we moved on to BBQ and a relaxed evening. Time to mingle, chat and play the games that were made. You can check the games out here on this handy website: http://jams.gamejolt.io/bbqjam18 as well as check out the Hashtag #bbqjam on Twitter for some pictures. There is also a gallery on Facebook for all those interested.

Thank you to our co-sponsors WERK1 for providing logistics and the jam site! We’re hoping to see you again at the next Jam!

See you in 2019!