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Smartphone-Games FDG – Entertainment: mobile dedication

How can a publisher of mobile games survive in this hotly contested market? The three founders of FDG Entertainment rely on passion, vision and stamina. With their first major console project the three citizens of Munich fulfilled a heart’s desire, 15 years after founding the company.

If anybody starts his first Atari console at the age of four, and at the age of six invests his time in Mario and Metroid on the NES console: Then, it would seem, his journey through life is already mapped. An his job as an adult can only have something to do with games. We are talking about and with Philipp Döschl. Anyone talking to him – one of the three founders of FDG Entertainment, the games publisher – about video games, can feel the vibrant passion in every word. Philipp is 34 years young, he lives in Munich and together with Markus Görl and Thomas Kern represents the core of FDG.

Markus Görl, Thomas Kern and Philipp Döschl founded a start-up in September 2001: FDG is short for Future Design Group. The goal: Develop games that are fun to use and with which one can spend a great time. Material for experts. If one can earn money with it? At the time it was anybody’s guess. FDG modified its business model, concentrated on publishing productions from partner studios and went through many ups and downs, as do many start-ups.

Then came the year 2011. This was when FDG linked up with the Finnish game developer Cornfox & Brothers. Together with the team from Helsinki they wanted to squeeze a japanophile role game heavyweight, in the style of the legendary “Zelda” series, into a tiny iPhone. The name of the project “Oceanhorn”. Fast forward 14. November 2013. The decisive day. “Oceanhorn” was finished and would find its way into the App Store. A great sigh of relief followed at FDG – the Finnish-Bavarian co-production shot to the top of the charts and secured Apple’s “Best of 2013 App Store”-Award. Since the FDG has been growing. In the meantime the portfolio now includes more than 40 games that were created all over the world together with renowned partners. And it’s still getting more.

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