• 20.08.18 | 16:52
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Game-Development – Enigma Workshops: successful with puzzles

Two young game design students from Munich. Their first mobile game. 2.5 million downloads right at the start. How did they do it? And, above all: what does their new project look like?

Julian Ludwig and Sebastian Jantschke are both 22 years young. They are studying at the MD.H Mediadesign Hochschule Campus München (Mediadesign College Munich) and learning the trade of game creation. In their short career the have developed just one game together and achieved an amazing 2.5 million downloads. “Mother Earth” is the name of the smartphone surprise. The theme is, help your earth to develop itself and let it flourish. And has obviously hit a nerve. Julian Ludwig and Sebastian Jantschke didn’t get rich with “Mother Earth”. How could they, with a free-to-play-game that is free of charge from start to finish.

But they have made a first footprint in the games market. The next is already announcing itself. Together with seven other students from different years at the MD.H Julian and Sebastian are working under the team name Enigma Workshops on their next project: “Realms of the Machines” will be a classic puzzle game. The player must mesh the cogwheels of a machine and thus put conveyor belts and crank arms into operation.

That what has been shown to date makes a high quality and professional impression and certainly doesn’t feel like an end of semester project, which “Realm of the Machines” actually is. The industry obviously sees it in a similar way. In December 2017 “Realm of the Machines” cleared up at the X-Mas Pitch 2017 in the Munich Startup-HUB WERK1 and in April 2018 secured the second award at German Computer Game Prize in the category “Best Prototype”. We will see what Julian, Sebastian and the team make of it. Exiting times await the students.

The complete article can be found on the MedienNetzwerk Bayern’s website.