Best of 2015

Some of the big gaming events and great achievements of the bavarian games industry.

DEP 2015

Like every year right befor Christmas the German Gamedeveloper award is happening. Also like every year a lot of our Bavarian stdios and projects got nominated (Mimimi Productions, Handygames, Ravensburger Digital, Reality Twist, Realmforge Studios, Gameswelt). We congratulate all the winners and especially the following:

Best Studio: Handygames
Social Engagement: Handygames Charity Day
Best Mobile Games: Handygames – Clouds and Sheep 2
Best Story: Reality Twist – Renu und die Sari Revolution

Impressions All Nominees All Winner

X-Mas Pitching

On December 9th we held out second Games/Bavaria X-Mas Pitching. 5 Teams were able to pitch their projects to our jury (Johannes Roth, Markus Wilding, Volker Hirsch, Alexander Zacherl) and receive professional and honest Feedback. (Also we had cookies and drinks and a lot of fun later)

Pitch 1 – Mother Earth by Herald Games
Pitch 2 – Enemy on board by New Horizons
Pitch 3 – Space Escape by Swarmlings
Pitch 4 – Ellipsis by Salmi Games
Pitch 5 – Projekt Specktacular by Specktacular

Jury Award: Herald Games
Audience Award: Swarmlings


Games Impact

At November 26th, the event “Games Impact” was held in Nuremberg. There were pannels, presentations and discussions about the gamesindustry. Beginner topics as well as topics about the cooperation possibilities for other industries and technological aspects have been discussed. Later, the Bavarian center for cultural- and creative industries invited the participants for networking and gaming.

Impressions Eventpage

GameConnection Europe

In the end of Oktober the GameConnection Europe happend during the Paris Gamesweek. Games/Bavaria provided an area for Bavarian companies who wanted to be part of this business and matchmaking event.


Delegation to Canada

During the political delegation with Statesecretary Pschierer, several Bavarian companies and representatives from the fields of aerospace, movie and Games visited partner and organisations ins Quebec and Montreal. Three days were fully packed with meetings and talks about the industries and support possibilities. The games delegation visited companies like, Warner Bros, Frima, Larian, Execution Labs, Hibernum and a lot more. The trip has been organized by Bayern International and the Bavarian ministry of economics.


BBQ GameJam

In September, we contributed at the BBQ GameJam. It’s a 24h GamJam with a lot of food for all the participants. The event happened at 3 places at the same time: Germany (Munich), France and Luxembourg. The topic of the games was “Sausage”.

Impressions Games

Gamescom 2015

This year, Games/Bavaria hosted the Bavarian Community Booth in the Gamescom Business Area. 13 companies were Part of the booth and like the years before we provided a high class Bavarian like presence. The booth was in hall 3.2, where all the countries were represented and it was easy to spot out booth by looking after the blue mountains.
The Bavarian “games minister” Ilse Aigner visited the Gamescom for the Bavarian breakfast reception and spoke not only about the importance of the industry but also about the increased support which the ministry will provide for 2017.

Pics: Booth Pics: Breakfast Pics: Fair Article: Mediennetzwerk

Respawn Gathering

For the first time, Games/Bavaria was sponsoring the Respawn Gathering. The Respawn is one of the Industry Conferences taking place in Cologne 2 days before the Gamescom. The clou is that you don’t have rooms for the talks, instead you receive headphones and can switch between the talks you are interested in on the fly. Except of having a nice little table in the middle of the conference space, Games/Bavaria took care of the attendees by bringing some “real” beer =)


21st Century Walk – Trekkingtour

For the fourth time the FFF-Bayern invited the bavarian games developers and publishers to spend a day in the alps.
The tour took place at Mittenwald up the “Hohen Kranzberg” on July 23th.


4. Update Games

The program of this year’s Update Games promised a diverse mix of information:
– on funding opportunities in Europe,
– which has opened in Bavaria in the field of new technology for Games,
– important legal information to the minimum wage and the new consumer protection and
– an impression of some gamedeveloper and from their current productions.


GameCamp Munich

The Game Camp Munich is a BarCamp on Games.
Our visitors hold and listen to lectures on the development of video games, design, games jornalism and many other topics that can be linked to games.
Well, as it is a BarCamp there is no fixed program in advance.
All participants are allowed to give a talk, when and where your talk takes place will be decided during the planning session in the morning.

Pictures Video Website

Games/Bavaria Vernissage

For the third time Bavarian game developers show their games and related artworks.
Get to know the Gamedevs and their ideas, you exchanges and forge new acquaintances!
Get a look behind the scenes of game production from the Bavarian winners of the German Computer Game Prize.

Bilder Website

DCP 2015

We can be very proud of the Bavarian game developers, six games were nominated and 3 prices were transferred to the state =)
Our Bavarian winners are:

The last Tinker: City of Colors (Mimimi Productions)
Bestes Gamedesign
Rules! (The Coding Monkeys)
Bestes Mobiles Spiel
Utopolis (Reality Twist, Nemetschek Stiftung)
Bestes Serious Game

Video List of all winner

Games/Bavaria Happy Hour @ San Francisco

Actually, you do not have to travel thousands of miles to San Francisco to enjoy Bavarian beer. Game developers from around the world did this, even if the main reason was rather the Game Developers Conference and the Game Connection which happened from 02 – 07 March at the Moscone Center and Metreon. With the goal to provide a platform for the visiting Bavarian gaming industry as well as their partners and friends the Games/Bavaria Happy Hour was created. The organizers Invest in Bavaria, TeamSpeak and WERK1 Munich were waving with Bavarian beer, Signature Cocktails, appetizers and an unbeatable location on top of the Moscone Center. More than 100 people attended.



Healthcare meets Game & IT

Games and healthcare – the beginning of a beautiful friendship? On February 23, 2015 the workshop “Healthcare meets Games & Technology” took place in the Faculty of Medicine in Erlangen. The special feature of this meeting? It is the first of its kind. As part of the 2015 Medical Valley Summit, experts from medicine and the games industry are starting a dialogue.


Global Game Jam Munich

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development. It is the growth of an idea that in today’s heavily connected world, we could come together, be creative, share experiences and express ourselves in a multitude of ways using video games – it is very universal.

Impressions Videos ggjmuc Website

Ringvorlesung 2014/15

Starting with the winter semester in 2013 five professors from several bavarian universities came to Werk1 Munich to give a lecture about games. We continued this in 2014/15

Ringvorlesung Flyer Video Records