Games/Bavaria FAQ

About Games/Bavaria

What is Games/Bavaria?

Games/Bavaria is the umbrella brand for the Bavarian games industry. It was startet by the industry to presenting themself at big events. By now Games/Bavaria is use by several institutions and partners to support the industry.

If you want to know more about the history of origins visit our About page.

Who are important contact persons?

The umbrella brand is primarily managed by Robin Hartmann, Projekt Manager Games at the WERK1. For that he is also on several events as networker, so if you spot him just ask him everything you want or drop him a mail.

If you have questions about funding your game, Michaela Haberlander (FFF Bayern) is the right person for you.

You want to know more about interdisciplinary networking? Then ask Aline-Florence Buttkereit (Mediennetzwerk Bayern).

Of course there are still a lot of more contact partners, but they are the key persons for the beginning and they can help you to find the right person for every question.

What does Games/Bavaria do?

Games/Bavaria itself doesn’t do something by itself, because it is a brand.
The umbrella brand provides many different things, for example support programmes, networking, communication, community events and local, national and international events.

You can find the most important events of the last years are in our Best-Of.

How does Games/Bavaria communicate?

We have a monthly Newesletter (some parts are only in German), which gives you an overview about what happened in the last month and what will happen in the upcoming month (clairvoyant? :O ). That not only includes dates and events, but also general news about the Bavarian industry.

When we are organizing common booths for fairs or conferences you can find all important informations and contact information there. You can also look up old newsletter in our archive.

Of course you can also find us on Facebook. There we keep you updated about everything in the bavarian industry, as well as remind you of upcoming events.
Furthermore you can watch pictures of our events and collect impressions about our work.

We are also on most of the events in Bavaria, obviously you can talk to us there. Sometimes we are even answering mails 😉

About the Bavarian industry

Which institutions support the Bavarian games industry?

Political institutions:

Private institutions:

How is the Bavarian industry set up?

Two out of five game companies in Bavaria have their economic focus on game development, every fifth is (als) publisher. 17 percent of the industry are trading compannies, 15 percent are service providers mainly in areas like programming, graphic and sound design or artificial intelligence.
Other areas (14 percent) are for example law offices, investors, supporters, researcher and universities. These numbers are from a German survey of the year 2013, actual national numbers are in preparation.

How many game companies are in Bavaria?

Already in the beginnig of 2013 about 25 percent of the German games industry was located in Bavaria. Since then a lot of new companies settled in Bavaria or were founded.
These includes classic game developer companies, publisher, industry service providers as well as universities, specialized agencies, media houses or public institutions, which you can find in our company database.

How many employees are working in the Bavarian industry?

About 20 percent of the employees in Germany are working in Bavaria.

Where are the Bavarian companies seated?

Because of good quality of life and infrastructural advantages, about 70 percent of the Bavarian companies are based in Munich. Approximately five percent are located in Nürnberg and 25 percent in other Bavarian cities. By the way: in our company database you can also sort by city to find easier companies around your location.

Informations for companies, starters, interested people

What possibilities for funding are there in Bavaria?

Game developer have different possibilities to receive funding.
Here is a short overview for you:

Regional funding:

national funding:

How can I get help from experts?

If you are in need of help, don’t hesitate to asks some of our mentors. We have a special programme for helping people in the industry with every kind of advice.

You are an expert on your owen field and want to help others? Awesome, just contact us to register in our database.

Where do I find news about the industry?

Neben unserem monatlichen Games/Bavaria Newsletter gibt es verschiedenen Newsseiten oder Printmedien, über die du dich zur Industrie auf dem Laufenden halten kannst. Außerdem gibt es einige Facebook-Gruppen, die dir nützliche Informationen und Diskussionen bieten.

Hier eine kleine Auswahl für dich:

“Richtige” Medien:


Where can I find job offerings in the Bavarian industry?

Auf unserer Jobseite findest du aktuelle Jobausschreibungen. Dort sind auch noch weitere Links zu Jobseiten und Stellenausschreibungen, die du besuchen kannst.

Außerdem schreiben fast alle Firmen auch auf ihren Webseiten Jobs aus.

Which universities are offering study programmes in games?

Es gibt mittlerweile verschiedene staatliche und private Hochschulen, die rund um das Thema Games lehren:

Contact and cooperation

Who do I contact for further questions?

Bei weiteren Fragen kontaktierst du am besten den Robin Hartmann über unser Kontaktformular.

Wenn du zufällig in der Nähe bist, kannst du aber auch auf gut Glück einfach im WERK1 vorbei schneien und vielleicht ist Robin da und hat gerade keinen Termin.